Collection: Sabai Grass Craft

Sabai grass craft is a traditional handicraft in Odisha, India, which involves the use of golden grass (Vetiver Zizanoides) to create various items such as baskets, trays, and decorative pieces.

The craft is found most in the Jajpur district, particularly in the Antia village, where over 300 families are involved in this work. The artisans, mostly women, are paid a stipend during training and earn between Rs 3,000 to Rs 10,000 per month after mastering the craft.

The Odisha government has recognized the significance of this craft by applying for a Geographical Indication (GI) tag. Several artisans have received awards for their exceptional work, including Ms. Malati Pradhan, Ms. Tarulata Ojha, and Ms. Dipti Rani Behera, who were all honored with the State Level Award in Handicrafts in 2017.

Sabai Grass Craft
  • Sustainable and Durable

  • Handcrafted

  • 100% Natural Material

  • Heritage

  • Bespoke

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