Collection: Pattachitra

Pattachitra is a traditional Odia craft that involves intricate painting on palm leaves or tussar silk. This ancient art form is deeply rooted in Odisha's cultural heritage and is often used to depict scenes from Hindu mythology and daily life.

The craft is most commonly found in the Puri district, particularly in the Raghurajpur village, which is known for its rich tradition of pattachitra painting. Artisans involved in this craft include skilled painters like Sabita Mohapatra, who has received the National Award for her work, and others who have received National Merit Certificates.

The craft has been recognized for its beauty and cultural significance, with many artisans receiving prestigious awards for their contributions to this traditional art form. Common themes in Pattachitra include scenes from the Ramayana, Mahabharata, and the life of Lord Jagannath.

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