Collection: Jute Work

Jute work craft is a significant traditional craft in Odisha, known for its intricate designs and durability. This craft is predominantly found in the Cuttack district of Odisha, where artisans have been perfecting their skills for generations.

The artisans involved in jute work craft are primarily from the Cuttack region, with notable artisans like Wazid Ali and Amiya Podar who have received national and state-level awards for their exceptional work.

These artisans use jute fibers to create a wide range of products, including carpets, floor coverings, and other decorative items. The craft has been recognized for its unique designs and high quality, earning the artisans numerous awards and accolades.

Jute Work
  • Sustainable and Durable

  • Handcrafted

  • 100% Natural Material

  • Heritage

  • Bespoke

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