Collection: Durry Carpet

The Durry carpet known as 'dhurries'  is a significant craft in Odisha, particularly in the Sambalpur region. The artisans involved in this craft are primarily women from the local communities who have mastered the traditional techniques of weaving. The durries are made using cotton yarns and are known for their vibrant colors and intricate patterns.

 The durries are reversible, lightweight, and versatile, making them suitable for various uses such as floor coverings, wall hangings, and even as table mats. The artisans have received several awards for their exceptional craftsmanship, including the prestigious National Award for Handicrafts in 2015. The Durry carpet is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Odisha and continues to be an important part of the state's traditional crafts.

Durry Carpet
  • Sustainable and Durable

  • Handcrafted

  • 100% Natural Material

  • Heritage

  • Bespoke

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