Collection: Dhokra casting

Dhokra metal casting is a traditional craft in Odisha, known for its intricate designs and antique look. The metal used for this casting is an alloy of nickel, brass, and zinc, which gives it a unique aesthetic.

This craft is found most in the Dhenkanal district of Odisha, where it is practiced by the Sithulias, Ghaniaram, Thatarian, and Gharien tribes. The artisans involved in this craft use a lost wax method to create beautiful metal artifacts such as figures of gods and goddesses, lamps, boxes, ornaments, and other household items. These products are sold mainly in local weekly markets and are also used as dowry items for rural brides.

The craft of Dhokra metal casting has received several awards, including the National Award for Master Craftsmen in 2015 and the Odisha State Award for Best Craftsmen in 2018.

Dhokra casting
  • Sustainable and Durable

  • Handcrafted

  • 100% Natural Material

  • Heritage

  • Bespoke

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