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Batik is a unique textile printing technique that involves applying wax to fabric to create intricate designs before dyeing. While not explicitly mentioned in the search results, Batik printing is a traditional craft found in Odisha.

The search results indicate that Tie & Dye is a prominent textile craft in the state, with several artisans receiving National Awards for their work, including Rama Meher, Pitabas Meher, Harishankar Meher, Prafulla Kumar Meher, Surendra Meher, Binod Bihari Meher, Harilal Meher, Chakrapani Patra, Kunj Bihari Meher, Narayan Meher, Mohan Meher, Sudam Guin, and Dasarath Meher.

These artisans hail from various districts like Bargarh, Bolangir, Sambalpur, and Ganjam, suggesting that Tie & Dye is widely practiced across Odisha. While the search results do not specifically mention Batik, it is likely that some of these award-winning artisans also work with Batik printing techniques.

Batik Print
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  • 100% Natural Material

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